The difference between mere management and leadership is communication.
— Winston Churchill

You have a story to tell.

You produce volumes of data with the latest numbers and important information. How do you get stakeholders to engage with that information?

Podcasting translates stuffy numbers into stories with which your audience can engage. Additionally, podcast episodes humanize your brand to the marketplace.

If you want to reach your millennial workforce. You better reach them on their phones.

If you want to reach your millennial workforce. You better reach them on their phones.

Benefits of podcasting.

  • Humanize your quarterly reports and white papers
  • Communicate your passion and value to shareholders
  • Listeners can engage with content while commuting
  • Opportunity to apply tone and context to otherwise toneless data
  • Control the conversation
  • Highlight leadership
  • Honors employees
  • Permeate best practices
  • Speed up employee on-boarding

People are listening.

Let's get you speaking.

CEOSPEAK-Tai Anderson-host

Tai Anderson

Tai is a 4X Grammy Award-Winning Musician, the President of the Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy, and the Director of Partner Development for Leadercast.

Tai hosts a personal podcast and blog on where he brings a unique perspective to business, marketing, branding and culture.

Hosting a podcast all starts by listening and asking the right follow-up questions. I’d be truly honored to help tell your company’s story to the marketplace, your internal team, or shareholders.
— Tai Anderson, CEOSPEAK

Start With A Pilot

  1. Determine desired length, scope of project, and project lead
  2. Schedule podcast recording. (Tai to conduct at your office or will provide a skype call-in number)
  3. Tai provides starting place questions
  4. Tai conducts interview(s). 
  5. Tai provides rough edit of the interview with audio sweetened, but no content modifications. (within 24 hours)
  6. Project lead provide notes on the audio. (What to cut, edit, etc.)
  7. Tai provides edit #1 of the podcast edited with any effects, music, and introduction. (1 day from your notes)
  8. Project lead provides edit notes.
  9. Tai makes edits and send final .mp3 and AAC file of complete podcast file. (within 1 day)


(For many organizations, all they need is the audio file, and internal team can take care of distributing to rest of team.*)

Additional Services

  • podcast album cover design
  • podcast hosting and web platform creation
  • blogging regarding content
  • rss feed implementation to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, YouTube, etc. (public)
  • security implementation to prevent google search if NDA covered content (private)

*Ask me about best practices for employee engagement.

Pilot Creation: $2,500*☊ 

Additional Episodes: $1,500/episode (2-10), $1,250/episode (11-20), $1,000/episode (21-unlimited)

Payment Remit Information.


3119 Forrest Walk

Roswell, Ga 30075

Subject to process outlined above. Additional editing time will be billed at $125/hour. CEOSPEAK can assist with the development of an internal or public facing podcast, logo creation, web platform, and other communication solutions to maximize your engagement if services are desired.

☊ 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If podcast does not meet your standards (or ours), there will be no charge.

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